Interview With David

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Imagine you had a million dollars, What would you spend it on? Cars? Shoes? Houses? Well david might just do that. David is 18 years of age, he says he would spend the whole lottery on houses, shoes and cars. I first met david in a teacher's class freshman year. I've know him for a few years now, David is a Junior at hempfield. While Interviewing David, I discovered new things about his family, school, and hobbies.
First thing I found out about david was that his family is cool. I interviewed David Palmer, David is 18 years old. He lives in greensburg and he has lived there his whole life. David has lived in North Carolina for a four month time period. He has five Siblings, Kendra is 19, Destanie is 16, Brandon is 16 as well, Joseph is 15, and …show more content…

David does have a job after school in hempfield and that’s in manor He does plan on getting married with two kids. Finally i learned some of david’s hobbies. Some of david’s hobbies were interesting. David likes to play football. Also from what i got from he is that he likes to work. Some of David's favorite things are his movie is The Fast and The Furious. He likes to listen to rap his personal favorite rapper is eminem. David’s favorite artist as I said previously is eminem. David also says that if he could go back in time, in a time machine he would go back to the The French and Indian War.
So to come to conclusion David’s family life like how cool they are, personality he’s funny likes to joke around alot , and hobbies he likes to work and play football.These are a few things i discovered about David's life. Also I’ve known david for about a year or two now i am still discovering brand new things about him and what he likes to do. So think about this next time you think to yourself about what you do with a million dollars just remember that if you could have all your wants and needs by just scratching that one special ticket that you could have exactly

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