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Interview of Health Care Leader Lori Raulerson NUR/492 April 30, 2012 Berthenya Dunbar Interview of Health Care Leader In today’s rapid changing world, leaders are very pertinent, especially in the field of nursing. Good nursing leaders have the ability to provide direction, facilitate structure to reach goals, and cohesiveness throughout team members. Leader by definition is “someone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals” (Sullivan & Decker, 2009, p. 329). On the other hand a manager is different. Their goal is geared toward being responsible and accountable for the goals of the organization. Below is the summary of an interview with L.A. Patient Care Manager of Endoscopy/ Special…show more content…
It also behooves a leader in her setting especially to know the budget, set it up, maintain it, and learn to live within those means. Take the time to know your staff for the area, and business plans, set up meetings and request pertinent information. If you can manage these important but simple steps on a day to day basis, you should always be looked at as an accomplished well rounded leader. QUALITIES OF A LEADER There are a lot of people out there in leadership positions, but not many that really exemplify the true qualities of a leader. While conducting this interview I asked L.A. what she thought the true qualities of a leader was and was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had very high standards when it comes to her idea of leadership characteristics. The first two things she touched on where people skills and patient care because she believes those go hand in hand. Without the skills to communicate effectively with the patients there is no point in caring for them at all. Another huge quality for L.A. is she believes in straight forward honesty, and integrity. If you are straight forward from the beginning with staff whether the news good or bad then they will learn to trust you and they know they can count on what you say, being the nice guy all the time and sugar coating everything you are
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