Interview of a Person Who Lived During the Cold War

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Cold War Interview -Yujean Chan
1. What do you remember hearing about the Cold War? What did people say about it?
When I was a kid I remember hearing about nuclear weapons on the radio and my parents used to mention it too. I also remember hearing about the Cuban Missile Crisis though I didn’t really understand much about it since I was too young and I lived in Britain so I did not worry about it. I didn’t hear much about the war from friends or in class. I remember hearing about the Russians and that they were our enemies. I didn’t know why and I never bothered to ask when I was a child.
2. What did you think of the things you were being told during the Cold War? I didn’t really believe in the things being said in the news and …show more content…

It was more toward the end of the Cold War when I actually started becoming more aware of the Soviet Union and United States conflict.
9. Who did you think was going to win the Cold War? I thought definitely the Americans because they were the powerful back then. The Americans were the most feared because of World War II. I couldn’t believe that the

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