Interview with an immigrant

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The Immigration Experience: Immigration Analysis Ashley Stone University of Connecticut School of Social Work Migration has contributed to the richness in diversity of cultures, ethnicities and races in developed countries. However, individuals who migrate experience multiple stresses that can impact their mental well-being, including the loss of cultural norms, religious customs, and social support systems, adjustment to a new culture and changes in identity and concept of self. “Migration is defined as any permanent change in residence. It involves the ‘detachment from the organization of actives at one place and the movement of the total round of activities to another” (Drachman, Kwon-Ahn, Paulino, 1996, …show more content…

Ms. Stephenson did not leave abruptly. It was a planned process that detail a great deal of investigation where she will stay upon her arrival. According to Potocky-Tripodi (2002), the losses are greater and the premigration and departure experience is more traumatic for refugees than for immigrants. Refugees often leave under hurried, chaotic, and dangerous conditions. There was a local shelter in New York where she would reside until she became financially stable. Her parents offered great social support and would assist her financially when they can. She states, “I am the oldest of three children. My parents made the choice for me to go to America for academic and economic advancement.” She further states, “The reality in Haiti is quite far from the law: political, economic and social features of Haiti negatively affect most Haitians. Nonetheless, Haitian women experience additional barriers of our basic rights due to principal social beliefs that we are inferior to men and a historical pattern of discrimination and violence against us based on their sex.” She continued by stating, “While I was a young girl president Jean-Claude Duvalier used widespread violence, including rape, as a means of suppressing opposition to his government.” When Ms. Stephenson was 20 years old, Psresident Raoul Cédras came into office with the same principles of victimization as way to oppress women. Ms. Stephenson stated, “My parents were fearful of me becoming victimized.

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