Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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“All happy families are happy in the same way, but all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way” (Tolstoy). Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer tells a story about a young man called Christopher McCandless who comes from a well-off family who then out of the blue deserts everything to journey on an “Alaskan Odyssey”. There isn’t a sane man who donates all his money, leaves everything and everyone he loves, and changes his identity to “Alexander Supertramp” to venture on a journey that makes him face starvation, poverty, and death. Krakauer describes Chris’s family as the dysfunctional family in which spares Chris’s parents and focuses more on what he did rather than why he did what he sought out to do by leaving. However, the answer lies in his relationship with his family. His negative relationship with his family members, mostly his parents, is what drove him to produce unexplainable behaviors that lead him to run away from society and in the end cost him his life.
Authoritative parenting is a style common in many households that may lead to a dysfunctional family unit. Apart from the permissive and neglectful parent, authoritative parents want the best out of their children. The idea that authoritative parents want the best out of their child may be too unrealistic in certain family dynamics consequently creating a dysfunctional family. Like the McCandless family, the authoritarian family begins with the head of the household, the commander in chief, typically the “father

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