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Introduction Among the living writers of India there is hardly any parallel to the formidable creative genius of Bhalchandra Nemade. He is a novelist, a poet and a distinguished critic. The impact of his original thinking and the force of his powerful argument on the contemporary literary and intellectual life of India is unparalleled in recent history. His greatest contribution to Indian literary criticism is his theory of Nativism. As a literary critic he has been passionately advocating it. As a creative writer he has demonstrated how theory can be brought into practice. Hence his novels like ‘Kosala’ ‘Bidhar’ ‘Hul’ ‘Jhul’ ‘Jarilaa’ and ‘Hindu’ can be best described as experiments in Nativism. Most of Nemade’s critical ideas have been…show more content…
Discussion: Nemade’s Attack on Bogus Internationalism Before defining his concept of nativism and its need in literature and criticism, Nemade comes down heavily on the hollow and bogus internationalism pursued by Indian writers and critics before and after independence. He admits the fact of cultural imperialism that hampers our growth as a confident society, nation and culture. “…West may not be there, but it is very much there in the mind of the East, and that cultural imperialism does exist.” (Nemade, 2009: 10) Nemade expects us to look into our own tradition to form our own standards to judge the quality of a literary work. He laments the fact that in our times Indian writers and critics by and large suffer from West-worship mania. There is tendency in India to accept all that is Western as modern, standard and progressive. Such a tendency often leads to blind acceptance of Western norms in art, literature, culture, politics, media, fashion etc. Funnily enough such a tendency is mistakenly equated with cultivation of international consciousness. The tendency of West-worship simultaneously leads to looking down upon everything native. As a result those who talk about the worth and value of things native are branded as regressive and fundamentalists. Nemade makes it clear that nativism is opposed to fundamentalism. We need to correct our faulty notions of being modern and international,

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