Introduction Café, Coffeehouse, And Coffee Shop Are All

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Introduction Café, coffeehouse, and coffee shop are all terms for an establishment that primarily serves coffee and other hot beverages. As the name suggests, a café/coffeehouse/ coffee shop focuses on providing coffee and tea in addition to light snacks. The original coffeehouse was first established in Italy in 1645. Then, in 1652, the coffee-shop trend spread into England and further abroad (Pongsiri, 2013). The coffee shop has become a necessity and habit in modern society. It is frequented by a diverse crowd ranging from professionals and executives to adolescents. The coffee shop sells not only the items in its menu but also an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable. In order to attract more visitors, a coffe shop may offer …show more content…

A company (in this case, a coffee shop) needs to establish a clear and consistent brand identity by communicating its brand attributes in a way that can be easily understood by prospective customers. One of the firm’s most valuable assets for improving marketing productivity is the customers’pre-existing knowledge of the brand from the firm’s investment in previous marketing programs (Keller, 1993). According to Keller (1993), the differential effect of brand knowledge upon customers’ response to brand marketing is known as brand equity. Brand equity is related to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty (Nam, Ekinci, and Whyatt, 2011). Customer satisfaction is a mediating variable between brand equity and brand loyalty, while brand loyalty itself is the biased (non-random) behavioral response (purchase) expressed over time by some decision-making unit with respect to one or more particular brands out of a set of brands and is a function of psychological processes (Jacoby, 1971). Considering the importance of brand equity in companies’ efforts to develop positive customer perception and win the tight competition in their industry by achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty, this study aims to investigate

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