Introduction . In The Early 2020’S An Oral Medication Was

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Introduction In the early 2020’s an oral medication was developed to treat HIV/AIDS, eventually this medication came to be the new ‘cure’ for the infection. In the following years, HIV was no longer an issue or a cause for concern, as health professionals declared an HIV/AIDS free world. Nine years later, in 2031 a new strain of HIV emerged. This new strain has become resistant to the original oral medication that ‘cured’ HIV/AIDS years before. In addition, the virus has mutated to a point in which that it is spreading at twice the pace as the original strain. The virus is more aggressive and no course of previous treatment has proved effective in mitigating the effects. Thus, individuals have come under greater risk of being infected…show more content…
Interest This prevention study will work towards discovering if social changes in the lives of drug users and sex workers will act as a form of prevention in being infected with HIV. Through social programming such as, HIV education courses, economic opportunities through small businesses, and safe injection sites this study will look towards a correlation between these attributes and a decline in ‘high risk’ behaviors thus preventing the risk of HIV infection. The concept of “risk environment” plays a role in the increase in risk of infection as it is regarded as “the space, whether social or physical, in which a variety of factors exogenous to the individual interact to increase vulnerability to HIV” (Roy et. Al, 2011). Many studies of vulnerable individuals such as injection drug users, sex workers, and the homeless have shown that these factors have a significant influence on their health since they shape daily risk taking (Roy et. Al, 2011). Thus, due to said situations reports of individuals having traded sex for money, drugs, or other commodities for survival, increases HIV incidence of this high-risk behavior (Roy et Al, 2011). Therefore this study will work towards mitigating the situations that put individuals as risk of HIV infection, as a form of prevention. Idea This prevention study will create public social service programs in order

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