Introduction Of Gang Youth

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1. Topic Description
Gang youth can be seen as a marginalized population due to their involvement with street violence and drugs. Some youth eventually leave the gang life while others remain in it during adulthood. In some eyes, even in the eyes of some educators themselves, education does not tend to correlate with gang members, however, some youth do leave the gang life behind and decide to get a college education. For those who do change that lifestyle, what influenced them to leave the gang life and pursue a college education? What sparked that change in direction in those individuals?
2. Statement of Purpose and Background
The study will focus on identifying the different factors that influence gang youth to seek a post-secondary education. Gang life can pull a young person away from education due to different factors, yet this study will focus on the factors that redirect gang youth back to education. According to Rios (2010), some youth see school sites as an unsafe space, which is why they sometimes join gangs to have a sense of protection. Once they hold the image of a gang member, youth immediately face odds and are considered to be less likely to graduate from high school and receive a college degree (Pyrooz, 2014).
This study will also serve to identify that even youth that are portrayed as something negative such as a gang member, they too have strengths to move forward from negative situations. The aim is to interview participants that meet the criteria of

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