Introduction. The Core Business Of Any Of The Human Resources

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The core business of any of the human resources department and the staff in any organization is recruitment, selection, training, development, employee reward schemes and benefits employee relations. However each of the processes highlighted above comes with its own challenges and is critical for profitability and growth besides sustainability. Conversely this paper will delve on comparing and constricting the challenges, opportunities, limitations, as well as issues inherent in human resource management through interviewing human resources practitioners in two diverse organizations. However due to the scope, broadness and magnitude of the human resource management practice, the interview will only be limited to the …show more content…

In the case we place adverts on the papers the volumes of application received are overwhelming and the remunerations demands to high. The interview process also take time while a majority of those short listed put down the offers. This at times becomes frustrating and hence the reasons of opting for this particular method.
Interviewee 2: Our human resources strategies demand that we do completive biding for any position. Our policy also dictated that we seek and retain the most qualified staff. The process also saves a lot of time there are also no biases in hiring and most of the times we get what we bargained for. All in all we are assured of the best suited candidate who is sourced from a large poll of best qualified applicants. As for the applicants sourced in the organization and internal promotions, they are dictated by the nature of tasks to be performed and the skills required as well as our policy on rewarding our staff.
Questions 3
What are the advantages of using this process?
Interviewee 1: the advantages are numerous in that it takes a shorter period. Most of the staff recruited is aware of what is expected of them and since most are sourced locally socialization, induction and training takes a shorter period.
Interviewee 2: in case we have several positions to fill in different locations this process saves us time and resource. This process brings in diversity in the work environment which is

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