Introduction. The Importance Of Communication Is The Needed

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Introduction The importance of communication is the needed basis in nursing practice. Communication is often dependent on the verbal and nonverbal communication (Marshall & Stevens, 2015). Also behavioural along with speech aspects, skilled transfer with receiving of the nurse-patient information starts productive relationships or defiantly, it develops significant repercussions if used in an improper way. This essay will converse the importance of verbal with non-verbal communication in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship between a nurse and patient. In this case, a therapeutic relationship is one which is founded on mutual trust as well as respect, the cultivation of hope and faith, being kind towards each other…show more content…
Without a doubt, the verbal communication is very critical in the development of a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship bringing about respect, understanding, sincerity as well as empathy (Marshall & Stevens, 2015). Non-verbal communication Although it is clear that verbal communication establishes a nurse-patient relationship, the non-verbal communication includes the best part of an interpersonal relationship between the two parties. Both communications have equal importance, but studies show that non-verbal aspect of communication is more efficient than the verbal communication. There are non-verbal actions that are seen to be indispensable in the nursing care, smiling, eye gaze, body position and head nodding; these actions are well known as body language (DeWit & O 'Neill,2014). It is through cautious deliberation of the nonverbal actions that nurses are in a position to gain a broad sight to the patient’s emotional needs with their experiences. For a nurse to show empathy and warm, they ought to make eye contacts with the patients. Nevertheless, eye contact is a different exemption in non-verbal communication. It exposes the hidden with deep feelings which can never be articulated in any other way which might work out during the nurse-patient connection. For example, Asian and Latin societies, looking people in the eye shows disrespect while in western culture it
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