Introduction . There Are Several Different Types Of Crimes

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Introduction There are several different types of crimes committed against the elderly. A person is usually defined as elderly when he or she turns sixty-five or retires. The elderly population makes up a significant part of the United States population. Also, the population is expanding as the baby boomer generation began to retire. The baby boomer generation has raised some concern, because it is suspected that the baby boomer generation will be wealthier than in the past. This could lead to an increase in crimes committed against the elderly. Crimes committed against the elderly included property crimes, abuse, neglect, and fraud. The crimes are serious and can lead to finical loss, physical pain, and health problems. It is …show more content…

This number only included reported finical abuse cases. Financial abuse occurs in three different ways. The first form of finical abuse committed against the elderly is misconception. The elderly are tricked in to giving their money to strangers. This type of finical abuse involves cons and scams. An example of this can be an elderly person paying shipping taxes for a prize they one. However, there is no prize and someone pockets the money. Sadly, this type of finical abuse is most common and the number of reported scams and cons doubled from 7% in 2008 to 14% in 2010 (Shilling, 61). The second type of finical abuse is Fraud. According to Financial Elder Abuse by Dana Shilling, “51 % of frauds were committed by strangers, and 34% by family, and neighbors (59).” There have been many case of fraud against the elderly including AARP, Medicaid, and Medicare fraud. The elderly are not receiving the benefits from these companies due to fraud. The third type of finical crime is occupation. This type of crime is based on the need for money. A family, caregiver, or friend exploits the elderly for money or a place to live. The elderly may not realize that the caregiver is using them or using their money for personal gain. This type of finical abuse is common and usually unreported. (Shilling) Elderly Neglect Elderly neglect occurs when basic needs are not being meet.

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