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McKie, David. (2007). Beaten down: Fear and violence in Canada's nursing homes. Retrieved May 1, 2009. The author of this article, David McKie a CBC crew member describes the situation of nursing homes in Canada. He talks about abuse from the staff and from the seniors. This article specifically refers to two examples in Canada of this abuse and it also states that about seventy percent of nursing homes are a dumping place for elderly who are “mentally unstable”. McKie states that it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in nursing homes because the staff are aware when a safety check is going to happen and can fix whatever is wrong before this time comes. The CBC crew is still attempting to get more information from nursing homes…show more content…
It states the difficulties in the senior homes with little staff and the many complaints received. The complaints are said to be hard to distinguish between serious complaints or just small problems. An example was given like Nancy Hardman who stated that she is removing her mother from the nursing home because it is dangerous and unhealthy to live in. This will also help to give another example in order to prove the hypothesis. It is also a good source because it has specific examples of the effect from unsafe senior homes. Roe, Brenda. (2002, January 12). Protecting older people from abuse. Elderly care. 14. This scholarly journal looks at elderly abuse in general. It talks about different ways one can notice that the senior is being abused and what to do about the abuse. It also describes different reasons why the abusers abuse the elderly. It says how elderly abuse can be very difficult to notice and it is also difficult to help the seniors. The article then describes the difficulties that seniors have when they are abused. It talks a little about senior homes and how the elderly are treated by the nurses. It also gives some specific examples of abuse and the role of the government in this situation. This article is very opinionated and the author expresses her views on the topic very clearly. This is a good source to use for the final paper because it gives a lot of information about elderly abuse
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