Introduction To Autonomous Vehicles (Avs). What Are Autonomous

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Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) What are autonomous vehicles? They are advanced vehicles that can navigate the roads without the input or interaction of humans. This, however, is determined by the level of autonomous vehicle technology with level 5 being the absolute highest. Many consider AVs to be the future of the automotive industry since they have many advantages over older types of transportation. This is why it’s starting to be heavily used in some areas of the world, but, at the same time, it also has its drawbacks and there can still be a lot of room for error in AVs. One such area of susceptibility is in the fact that it’s more prone to hacking remotely, and, thus, this danger highlights why cybersecurity matters more …show more content…

One of the major issues that AVs face is that their internal network (ex: Bluetooth) would give a remote hacker access to critical elements of the car like breaks or the engine if the hacker found a vulnerability in the network. Electrical Control Units which is what cars have today, have many lines of code, in fact millions of lines which leaves a lot of room for vulnerability to attacks on the source code. It’s hard for car manufacturers who outsource their source code to the Electrical Control Units to buffer up defenses against such attacks. There are many people who believe that the automotive industry aren’t taking the issue at hand seriously enough to invest more resources in it. With more advanced technology within a higher level AV, it calls for more security and better defenses. There are many ways to buffer up the defensive with AV like having software to shield or constantly check for suspicious network communications or behavior within the car’s internal network. The suppliers for the car manufacturers should also be a matter looking into and put with stricter oversight. Only suppliers whose physical parts aren’t compromised should be used for within the car’s structure when manufacturers build the cars. It’s only a matter of time before more and more car manufacturers will be forced to take action to do things I mentioned above and take action towards

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