Invasion Of Nazi Germany Essay

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During most of World War II, Nazi Germany was at the height of power. By this time they had conquered most of Eastern Europe. However on June 22nd 1941, Hitler began the largest military movement in history, the invasion of the Soviet Union. Even though Hitler had signed a Soviet-Union Non-Aggression pact he began the invasion. Hitler had always showed his hatred of the Jewish people in his book Mein Kampf. Although the invasion of the Soviet Union was the largest military movement in history, it led directly to the downfall of Germany. This can be shown when looking at; the Nazi Soviet Non-Aggression pact, Operation Barbarossa, the Soviet winter and finally the consequences of the invasion of Russia.

On August 23rd 1939, Nazi representatives
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The German forces were no prepared for the brutal soviet winter as in November 1941, General Eduard Wagner, the Quartermaster general of the German army reported that;
“We are at the end of our resources in both personnel and material, we are about to be confronted with the dangers of deep winter.”
For the Germans, November was a critical month in their campaign, this was when the hard winter closed in, as the Germans expected a rapid collapse of the soviet union they had failed to prepare their troops for the harsh winter, eventually the German troops outran their supply lines, opening a thinly guarded flank opening the opportunity for a soviet counter attack. This caused the Germans plans to fall. (— US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
After months of bloody fighting, the German army was exhausted, this and the soviet winter pared together to finally open the German to a soviet counter attack. Their plans for the union to fall had failed and the Germans plan for their military personnel to live off the land had collapsed. As they were advancing quickly they eventually outran their supply lines. Even though they had reach the outskirts of Moscow all that was needed was one more push from the soviets to put the Germans back on the back foot. All of these factors led directly to the downfall of Germany and most of all, the Nazi
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