Invasive Plants Essay

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Dr. John visited Norfolk State University on behalf of the Department of Ecology at the University of Georgia. He came to share information about invasive plants and the ecological research that he and others have conducted on it; his talk was entitled “Computational Botany for Invasive Species Decision Support, Risk Analysis, and Policy.”

Dr. Drake began the talk by explaining what invasive plants species are. Invasive plants are those that occupy a foreign environment and drive the native plants away because they grow so rampantly. He described how invasive plants can be transported from location to location—they can be relocated through the air, ocean, vehicles, and even by humans. Eventually, the seeds of the invasive plants germinate, flourish, and in some cases, they even take over. The seeds can be introduced intentionally or accidentally. Often times, they are introduced intentionally for agricultural purposes and food supplies, medicinal purposes, or even aesthetics and gardening. The United States Department of Agriculture has a method for regulation …show more content…

Lastly, the final work will be expressed through cost sensitivity and representation. In the first step, there is a construction of the database. Species that have been introduced to the United States are named and examined in order to determine whether or not they are weeds, and whether they are considered to be economically costly or not. In order to determine this, researchers look at the biological traits, from life history and growth form to maximum chromosome numbers and leaf traits and physiology. A plant species’ tendency to become invasive can also be genetic—the number of chromosomes is a strong indicator of whether or not the plant will become invasive. Researchers determine which traits are associated with invasiveness, and which are

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