Investment Policy Statement : Client Profile

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Investment Policy Statement ⇒ Client Profile  Date: April 5th, 2015  Prepared For: Hayey W  Birth of Date 12-March-1970  Address: 123 St Gorge Street London  Province: Ontario  Postal Code: N6N 5V5  Phone: 1-622-848-0000  Employment Position Business owner  Gross Annual Income $125,000  Net Worth $750,000  Desired Retirement Age 65  Risk Tolerance Medium to high  Prepared by: Ruifen Cui  Address: 700 Wonderland Road North London  Province: Ontario  Postal Code: N6H 4V3  Phone: 1-519-697-2776 ⇒ Investment Objectives The purpose of portfolio is to provide safe and stable growth of your investment capital until you reach the age of retirement. The portfolio will also be able to ensure that you have enough income to …show more content…

Time Horizon: Time horizon is the period of time that clients can earn income due to investment. Your time horizon is 35 years which means that you have 35 years to earn income for your retirement. It is a long-term time horizon which suggests that the risk of principal loss can be minimized over the long term period of investment. Liquidity Your liquidity requirements are low level. Which means that you may not need to access the fund from investment anytime before maturity. Based on your primary objective, you may need some investment products that have the feature of low liquidity and more focus on stocks, for example. Tax Your marginal tax rate based on your taxable income is 38% and your average tax rate is 32.36% The primarily goal of managing this portfolio based on tax policy is to minimize tax while earning investment incomes. Regulatory Any investment activities that contravene by Act, By-law, Regulation, Rule or the Criminal Code will be considered a constraint. All firms or corporations have their own compliance personnel and many have legal counsel as well, and it is recommended that the investment advisors consult those recourses when there are legal issues. Unique There may be unique requirements that related to different investor for example some of the investors may insist to invest stocks in energy area because he or she believes that the stocks in energy area may go into a developing stage in the long term. In the

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