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Doyle, M. ‘Liberalism and World Politics’, American Political Science Review, 1986, vol. 80(4), pp. 1151-69


17th October 2011.

Doyle, M. ‘Liberalism and World Politics’, American Political Science Review, 1986, vol. 80(4), pp. 1151-69

Michael Doyle, author of this article was one of the first IR theorists in modern era to analyze the assumptions on liberal peace focusing mainly on Kant’s idea. The John Hopkins University published this article in 1986. In this paper I will summarize the article and give analysis on key points that drive the main arguments in …show more content…

In contrast to Schumpeter’s liberal pacifism, Machiavelli’s liberal imperialism encompasses that the best form of state for imperial expansion are free republics and they are not pacifistic (Doyle, 1986:1154). He goes on to say that Liberty results from the competition and necessity for compromise required by the division of powers among senate, consuls, and tribunes and also from a powerful veto (Doyle, 1986:1154). When the citizens know that their lives and properties are secure from seizure or attacks, liberty tends to encourage an increase population and property, with strength and imperial expansion being the basis of protection (Doyle, 1986:1151). Machiavelli says that expansion calls for a free republic rather than an aristocratic one. He used Rome and Sparta/ Venice as examples respectively. Imperial expansion is important in order to avoid other states with similar aims becoming a threat and also other citizens can pose to be a threat when they are not allowed to satisfy their ambition or exercise their political strengths. This is the basis of the traditional belief liberal imperialism, which Machiavelli tries to explain. The third theoretical approach is Kant’s liberal internationalism. This theory embodies both the liberal pacifism and liberal imperialism and gives a clear explanation on these two legacies and helps to give an understanding to international relations.

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