Iraq War Response

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At the height of the Vietnam war, seven out of 10 Americans saw it as the largest issue in the nation at the time, but during the height of the recent Iraq war, only one-to-three out of ten Americans saw it as the most important issue (Newport). Why was the response to the Iraq war so much lower than that of the Vietnam war? Should it have been higher? Protesting a war is one way to show your disapproval for it, and the more protests a war had, the more it’s considered an important issue to the public. Both the Vietnam and Iraq war had a number of protesters for many varied reasons. The reasons for protest of the Vietnam war were much more justified: The was was poorly fought leading to many unnecessary American deaths and things like the mandatory…show more content…
To start, the war began because of the Gulf of Tonkin conflict and resolution, which involved a lie convincing the public that the Northern Vietnamese attacked us first even though the opposite occurred (Tucker). This lie that started the war caused it to be questioned from the beginning. The country also had events like the Civil Rights Movement which was happening and actively trying to cause social reform. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, said that because of the start of the Vietnam war, there may be no chance for the government to reconsider programs it had halted in order to focus on the war effort ("Profile: Legacy of anti-Vietnam War protests"). This entire group of people wanted to expand their freedoms and rights, but were abruptly pushed aside by the government. This caused them to protest even louder, not just for their rights, but also against the war that was clearly getting in the way of their rights. Another reason that persuaded a large number of people to protest the war was the draft. The draft was reinstated when the United State’s military began to reach the bottom of the barrel on volunteer soldiers to fight the gruesome war because many people weren’t on board with the overall goal of the war or had other reasons to not join the fight. The draft was used to force randomly selected citizens to join the military whether they…show more content…
The Vietnam war had a much louder display of protest for many justified reasons. One the other hand, protest for the Iraq war were a fraction as big and loud and not as many reasons to protest against the war were present. Vietnam protests were mainly focused on what was happening at home during the war. The draft was a large issue at home for many because it was going to affect people’s lives for the worse, and they didn’t know if they could continue their education of job when they came back or if they would come back. Another issue at home was the Civil Rights movement, whose participants were worried that the government were forget about promises made to them because of the larger issue of the war. Nonetheless, the case was different with the Iraq war with a lot of protest focusing on issues where we were fighting and not at home. There wasn’t much justification for invading Iraq after we were already heavily involved in Afghanistan at the time. People were also concerned about the lives of both our own soldiers and the Iraqi civilians that were put in harm's way. Not only were there more reasons to protest against the Vietnam war, but the protesters against it were also much louder. Things like the draft greatly affected many college students causing organized protests at universities across the nation. Civil Rights activists were already actively protesting around the country
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