Irish American Culture

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My ethnic group is Irish American. I am very grateful to be an Irish American because I know the sacrifice that my grandparents had to make to leave Ireland to come to America was a difficult but beneficial sacrifice. Without both of their brave decisions to come to America, I would not be here today. Both my grandma and grandpa came over to America as young adults but they did not know one another. My grandma has three sisters, but only one of her sisters came to America with her, while the other two sisters chose to stay in Ireland. My grandpa died before I was born thus I do not know much about how he came to America. My family has strong cultures when it comes to our Irish American heritage. The strongest culture in my family is the cooking of Irish food. My grandma often makes her signature Irish soda bread, which is a family recipe that was passed down to me. I hope that in the future I will make Irish soda bread for my children to continue on our culture. Although my family always celebrates our culture, we celebrate being Irish Americans the most on St. Patrick’s Day. Every year for St. Patrick’s Day my family makes authentic Irish cuisine. For breakfast, my family makes potato pancakes, Irish bacon which is thick pieces of ham, black pudding, and bangers which are thick sausages. My dinner, my family makes corned beef, braised red cabbage, and potatoes. As my family gathers for St. Patrick’s Day, there is always Gaelic music playing in the background for the

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