Irish Identity And Poetry Of William Butler Yeats And Irish Poetry

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William Butler Yeats is one of the most esteemed poets in 20th century literature and is well known for his Irish poetry. While Yeats was born in Ireland, he spent most of his adolescent years in London with his family. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he later moved back to Ireland. He attended the Metropolitan School of Art in Dublin and joined the Theosophical Society soon after moving back. He was surrounded by Irish influences most of his life, but it was his commitment to those influences and his heritage that truly affected his poetry. William Butler Yeats’s poetry exemplifies how an author’s Irish identity can help create and influence his work. Maud Gonne, an Irish nationalist and patriot, was a huge muse to Yeats and his poetry. Her passion for Ireland and its freedom was a large part of the reason why William Yeats was so passionate about the dealings in Ireland himself. Maud was born in England but loved Ireland and believed strongly in its independence from Britain. Although she is most known for her association with William Butler Yeats, she had many accomplishments herself. She created the Daughters of Ireland. The Daughters of Ireland was an organization which provided a home for Irish nationalist women and encouraged the study of: Gaelic, Irish literature, history, music and art. Maud also went on a crusade to improve prison conditions after she suffered a brief imprisonment herself. She even wrote a bestselling book herself called A Servant of the

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