Is A Child Soldier?

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A child soldier is a person who serves in a military and is under the age of 18. Should they be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed? Before the question is answered this though the issue at hand must be explained. Imagine a child born in a country of war, and their parents might have to sell them to an army, maybe they die and that’s the only place they can go, or maybe they take he/she from their home to serve their country. Now they are angry, frustrated, and wanting revenge. Their commander soon becomes like a father the boys and girls around them like siblings, and all they can to do is make their new family proud; they are sacrificing these people for their new family, and for the drugs they feed them. That is why they stay and keep committing these heinous crimes. They become so numb to the killing it is like swatting a fly to them now; no remorse. Is it their fault for growing up in this place? With these people? That is happening to thousands of children in countries that are looking for anyone that can hold a gun. These children have grown up in this place and they can be saved but should they be? Many would say yes, they want to save these children of war, but of course on what terms? Many draw the line at 14, but all cases are different and we should take that into consideration. If the child is younger than 14 they should be able to be rehabilitated. If older than 18 they should be triled younger than 18, but in between a series of tests should be

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