Is Ability Grouping Worth It?

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Is ability grouping worth it? Is it the way to go? Do you think your kid should be in a higher level class? Well, according to Education World, “ability grouping increases the student 's achievements and goals by letting the teachers focus on the pace that the students should be learning at.” Some people think that ability grouping is a good thing to do, and some people disagree. Many schools around the world are switching to ability grouping. About 60 percent of elementary schools are choosing to switch. I totally agree that we should keep ability grouping. Usually the kids in ability grouping classes have a lot more self-confidence and determination than the kids that are not in ability grouping classes. Ability grouping helps schools, students and teachers in many ways, by helping the teachers go at the pace they want, it helps the students get ready for high school and college, and it helps the students learn, and challenge themselves more.

Ability grouping helps students to prepare for high school and or college, because when a student gets in high school they have to take so many different classes in school, and if they were in accelerated classes as a kid they would do a better job in high school. For example, if a student was in an accelerated class when they were in elementary school then they would of been challenged in that class and would make it to a higher level class in high school. Also, if a student excels in high school, then they would have a better

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