Is Addiction A Disease?

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Whether, addiction is a disease or someone’s poor life choices, it is a widespread controversial topic, debated amongst many. Addiction can be categorized into two broad topics, substance related addictions and behavioral or process addictions. When the word addiction is brought up, substances such as drugs and alcohol are usually what pop into most people’s minds. However, addiction is not just limited to drugs and alcohol. Almost anything has the ability to be addicted to. For example, gambling, shopping, the internet, video gaming, plastic surgery, and food are all activities that can get someone hooked. These are all examples that category under behavioral addictions. Before anyone can say addiction is either this or that, they must understand …show more content…

The brains appropriate preforming guarantees our continued existence. When our brain functions well, we are continuously modifying to our environment or setting. Paradoxically, it is the brain's aptitude to be so adaptive that aids to the development of addiction. Addiction initiates alterations to the brain in at least four vital ways: addiction causes changes to the brain's natural balance, or what is called homeostasis, it alters brain chemistry, changes the brain's communication patterns, and it causes changes to brain structures and their functioning. Like many other diseases addictions affects at least one organ in the body. Now take cancer, for instance. In the eyes of many, cancer is a disease and like addiction it can affect the brain and many other organs such as the kidney or lungs. Many people who oppose the statement that addiction is a disease tend to use the claim that addiction is not curable therefore it is not a disease. However, like other chronic diseases, addiction can be controlled effectively. Treatment allows people to work against addictions influential and dominate troublesome effects on their brain and conduct and regain control of their lives. Take cancer, for instance, once again. Like addiction, there are many types of cancers that are not curable. However, there are treatments that can work against the disease. Even though there are treatments, there is not guarantee that relapse will not occur. Both cancer patients and those of addiction have a likely chance to relapse after being treated. Relapse, nonetheless, does not signify failure, preferably, it denotes that treatment ought to be reestablished, altered, or that alternative treatment is required to aid the individual to redeem control and recuperate. Consequently, the power addiction has to affect the organs of one’s body to the point of functioning abnormally is a prominent attribute to being defined as a

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