Myth About Addiction

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Addiction is a term used by people who are “dependent” on something, whether it is a drug, caffeine, alcohol or anything a human being does more than once a day. Most people with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, what they are taking and what they are putting into their body. A person’s addiction may reach a point at which it can become very harmful to themselves and to others. Most likely when a person is addicted to something they cannot control how they use it, when they use it and they eventually become dependent on it to cope with their daily life. Many of the things I read about addiction I had an idea about only because I lost a family member due to his addiction with marijuana. I think that people need to really understand the difference between a habit and addiction. With addiction there is a component where the person is unable to control the aspects of their addiction without the help of a specialist because of the different mental and physical conditions involved with it. Now with the term habit, it’s something that is done by choice. A person with a habit can choose to stop and will eventually stop successfully if they really want to. With a habit there is a component where the person does not …show more content…

One myth that I thought was really interesting and something new to me was number 7, Crack is more addicting than cocaine powder. In this world we live a lot of people swear that crack is really more addicting than cocaine powder for the same reasoning that its cheaper and easier to get on the streets, but as the myth says “There is no pharmacological reason why the form of a drug or the route of administration should change the addiction liability of a drug” meaning that crack is not more addicting than cocaine powder because its goes into the body through the same route of

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