Is America Really Free

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The truth is America isn't really free for everyone, there are many things to hold people back. Like Gay rights, Racial tensions, and Immigration. In This essay i will tell you why America (the land of the free) isn't free or fair for many people. First gay rights are not free. You can not marry someone of the same sex in 13 of the 50 states. You are not free when someone makes it illegal to marry the person you love, even if they are the same gender as you. Another example of gay rights not being free is some people don't accept you for who you are. You are not free and probably don't feel very free if people are upset with you for loving someone of the same sex. Also an important reason is that you can't make medical decisions for your spouse in states where it is illegal to marry the same sex. This means if something were to happen to your spouse in a state where marrying someone of the same gender is illegal you wouldn't be able to tell the doctors what you want done and you wouldn't be able to help them your spouse. You are definitely not free if you don't have the right to do this. …show more content…

My first reason is that some people are racist still today and it is unfair and can make you feel very unfree if people dislike you because of your race. A second reason is America's history. For so long we didn't accept people because of what race they are and this left us with people that are still racist today. It is completely unfair and doesn't let people of other races feel free. My third reason is there has been some racial tensions between police officers and people of different races. You aren't free if there are people around you who don't accept you because of your

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