Is Arizona General Hospital?

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Arizona General Hospital is examining ways to deliver and expand quality healthcare to as many of our clientele as possible in the rural community. I would like to propose an organized community health fair that will offer various practical benefits for the public as well as our facility. We can utilize our highly trained and motivated professional team along with community collaboration to resourcefully contribute to the needs of the community. A health fair will enable Arizona General Hospital to extend our services through health education, disease prevention, and diagnostic screening, which in the long run is a cost effective intervention. An attractively planned community event will create a purpose for the scattered community to unite and be well-informed. Examination of barriers to healthcare can be addressed and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) benefits can be reviewed to encourage full use of the indemnity. The health fair will target children and adults to accommodate the entire community. Giveaways, incentives, and items with our advertisement and contact information could be handed out so that everyone walks away with something special and useful for future reference. A prosperous health fair requires the essential components of planning, health education and screening objectives, and executing an evaluation. I will review each element with supported research on the benefits of creating a community health fair to enhance optimal
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