Is Belgium A Nation Of The International Market Through Colonization?

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Belgium becomes a nation that creates a foothold in the international market through colonization in Congo. Even though the exploitation was ramped throughout all the colonies, Congo might have been the most extreme case of exploitation. Through the exploitation of the Congo lands, and the government deeming most of the rain forest “uninhabitable” those lands were turned over to the Belgium government and the resources were exhausted in that area. As the rubber vines would dry up and die the expectation output from the Belgium government remained the same. In fact it was well documented that government officials gave the green light to allow harsh punishments to be administered on to the villagers if they were short on the amount of rubber that was produced. “Soldiers killed gathers or sometimes their families as punishment for not meeting their quotes” (Gilbert and Reynolds 279). The brutality of the soldiers methods were barbaric, “to show that [the soldiers] had not stolen or wasted the ammunition [the soldiers] were expected to bring back the hands of their victims” (Gilbert and Reynolds 279). With the diminishing supply of rubber in the Congo the harsher the punishment was being distributed to the African people in the Congo, and King Leopold’s Free State was losing money.
As the demand rose and the supply was diminishing many of the “villages fled into the forest” (Gilbert and Reynolds 279) while others would rebel against the Belgium government, and hostilities
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