Is Blackie A Good Dog In The Mixer

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In the story “ The Mixer” the Shy Man was dishonest . I believe this because he made Blackie think that he was a good dog . It is not that I do not think that Blackie is a good dog , but the Shy Man kept walloping him. Also the reason why Blackie thinks he is a good person is because he gave him treats. The story exactly stated,” Good dog, he said now you can have this,” after that he gave Blackie a treat for staying quiet.
The so called Shy Man also snuck into the house Blackie was supposed to be guarding. One reason why Blackie did not attack or bark was because the Shy Man taught him that when he comes through the window to lay down and not bark. I know this because in the text it stated,” Shut up ,he said.” This explains that the Shy
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