Is Cannabis Dangerous? This Particular Issue Has Been Discussed,

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Is cannabis dangerous? This particular issue has been discussed, contemplated, and argued in several settings throughout our country’s history, but it is a particularly prominent issue in today’s society. Many individuals have their own opinions on marijuana, whether it be positive or negative, but an objective perspective is necessary to justly weigh the benefits and detriments of marijuana use and legalization. When an unbiased person analyzes the controversial topic of cannabis, he or she would realize that the substance does not plainly fall into a single category. There is ample, scientific proof that marijuana has numerous medicinal purposes, such as treating glaucoma and different seizure disorders. However, there is equivalent…show more content…
To the dismay of many cannabis users, however, the drug slowly became frowned upon, taxed, and ultimately outlawed in the states in 1970 when the Controlled Substance Act listed cannabis as a drug with absolutely no medical applications (Historical Timeline - Medical Marijuana). Thereafter, marijuana was a schedule one drug completely outlawed in the United States, and any possession of the substance was punishable with jail time. also mentions that Robert Randall, a resident of Washington, D.C., was found not guilty in 1976 for his cultivation of marijuana because of his medical necessity for glaucoma. He was the first man in the country to gain access to federal supplies of marijuana for its medicinal uses. Since then, marijuana has once again grown popular in modern society, which has prompted the many debates over its legalization.
Consequently, cannabis is one of the most popular political issues in the country. Many users, such as cancer patients or glaucoma patients, argue the plant’s medicinal properties, while others argue for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. Many modern state legislatures have legalized medicinal marijuana, and some have even legalized recreational marijuana. With that said, there are still strict guidelines and regulations on cannabis possession and uses in the states that allow recreational marijuana.

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