The Myths And Beliefs Of Marijuana

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Living in the 21st Century, a majority of the laws and regulations that guide our daily lives have already been legitimized and written decades ago. Although a large portion of these laws still exist today, there is always need to revise and rewrite laws. In this article I will talk about the myths and beliefs of marijuana and compare them to reliable sources to form an opinion on whether or not marijuana is a relatively safe drug for medical and recreational use along with the physical and social effects to the user and their environment. Regard, this paper will not focus on any other associated topics such as the price of prisons, annual marijuana dispensary revenue, drug trafficking or law policy’s. However many of the used articles compare and contrast the use of alcohol to cannabis. In the article “Marijuana Use and Alcohol Use Are Dangerous for Society”, Sven Olov Carlsson writes a letter to president Barack Obama informing him on the dangers of marijuana and alcohol use to societies. Carlsson is president of IOGT International, a politically independent organization that advocates for a world free of alcohol and other drugs; he is the international president of the World Federation Against Drugs. In his letter, Carlsson briefs marijuana as highly dangerous for the users mental health and well-being along with their community. He believes the thought of making cannabis regulated would lead to a disaster because alcohol is poorly regulated. And the fact that…

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