Is Capitalism Good Or Bad?

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Take a second, think about a country without an economic and political system. Impossible to have a country without neither one of them, am I right? So we need a system that will keep our country and the economy running. There are couple economic and political system and the main one is Capitalism. So what is Capitalism? Well, capitalism is an economic and political system where the country’s trade and produce are controlled by the private owners. Like always, there are three different classes in this system. The rich (which own and corporate), the middle class (or workers class) and the middle class (who are enslaved to the system). People at the top of the pyramid, are the ones who control the capitalism. But the main question is that, is capitalism good or bad? The system has good and the bad sides to it, but mainly, the people at the top of the hierarchy pyramid is the most important since they are the ones who made this system. Who are these people at the top of the pyramid? Well, they are the Burgeois family; the wealthiest, the most intelligent and the most powerful of all of us. Not everyone can become a Bourgeois, it’s literally a generation after generation of couple families passing on their wealth. They own and operate literally all the companies and the industries in the world. Their invention of Capitalism is the reason why people are able to make profits to their own today. They are the reason why we have civilized cities and so many technologies that make our

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