Is Censorship Harmful For School

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Censorship is keeping knowledge or information away from any person. Just think if a community was completely censored, everything and everyone would be the same, like in the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. Nobody wants to the the same as someone else, us as people of the U.S. should be able to be unique and different. Censorship is harmful to the community because it, restricts children’s learning experience, and restricts them from what the real world is really like. Some people say censorship may be good for schools to some extent because it restricts students from certain concepts that are inappropriate to teach. Although, that may be almost true, it is not. Many people can argue that censorship is bad because it does not give students the full conception of education (Censorship in the schools). Students could also learn how to discriminate and make unthought decisions. If students were not growing intellectually, they could be controlled by many people smarter than them because they do not know any better. “Censorship is harmful because it results in the opposite of true education and learning” (Censorship in the schools). Just think if parents, teachers, and school boards ban or restrict books from the students, is it good or bad? Many people would say it is good because they do not want their children to read a book about violence, that have cursing, or defacing of their religion. Also, many may say it is bad because it could keep children from reading about

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