Is Discrimination And Inequality Truly Equal? Is There

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Is discrimination and inequality truly equal? Is there one group that is more discriminated against than the other? A key concept that addresses tensions between U.S. feminism and feminisms globally is the idea of intersectionality. Before this course, I had never heard of this concept. This concept to me demonstrates the idea of levels of oppression. “In the 1960s and 1970s, African-American women activists confronted the puzzle of how their needs simply fell through the cracks of anti-racist social movements, feminism, and unions organizing for workers ' rights. Each of these social movements elevated one category of analysis and action above others, for example, race within the civil rights movement, or gender within feminism or class…show more content…
For example, I am oppressed in certain ways because of my gender, but I am not oppressed in other ways because I am not disabled or of color. This does not make my oppression less serious but it helps to show that there are others who experience it more heavily than myself. Intersectionality is a way of stop seeing my oppression as the most ‘important’. “As outsiders to the mainstream, women of color in the U.S. practice "world"-travelling, mostly out of necessity. I affirm this practice as a skillful, creative, rich, enriching and, given certain circumstances, as a loving way of being and living” (Lugones, 3). Maria Lugones wrote a very insightful piece where she discusses her own concept of ‘world traveling’. This very concept is related to the idea of intersectionality because it is the idea that us humans really do not have a true understanding of one another’s lives. We all live in the world but not in the same one. Lugones refuses to define herself as anything, even a woman. She wants to be a world traveler because she wants to try and ignore the arrogance that humans naturally have. I feel that we naturally separate ourselves from others when they do not live in the same ‘world’ as us. We learn to stick to a single story and often do not try to deviate from it. Through traveling and learning to understand other’s and their cultures, this will help us to to become more loving and
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