Is Donald Trump A Good Idea

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Is voting for Donald Trump a good idea? Many people have varying opinions about Donald Trump; but statistically, 53.3% of people do not like him due to many reasons. Some of which are: first, many people do not want him to become president because he was committed to building a wall through the Mexico and U.S. border; secondly, he is not going to be taking any money out of the U.S. tax payers but is going to force the Mexican government to pay for the wall which will cost nearly $25 billion; lastly, he stole money out of a charity just to purchase a portrait of himself. These are a few reasons why many people think it is ludicrous for Donald Trump to become the new President of America. However, many people are in agreement to his intentions …show more content…

Donald Trump wants Mexico themselves to pay for the wall. Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto stated, "At the start of the conversation with Donald Trump, I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall". Nieto made it clear that Mexico will not be paying for the wall, and then Donald Trump responded saying Mexico will have to pay for the wall which will approximately cost a minimum of 10 to 12 billion American dollars. Moreover, the Mexican President himself thinks the wall is a great idea because the U.S is the main country in the world, and they do not want to ruin the country with the drug cartel and make it a bad place to be and live in. Furthermore, many people are psychotic for drugs and will stop at nothing to get their hands on some including but not limited to: murder, assault, rape, harassment, stealing and etc. One major problem with the price tag of this wall is that it is not worth even the minimum amount estimated by Donald Trump. The U.S spent 7 million dollars on approximately 1050 kilometers for a border on fencing alone. The wall proposed by Donald Trump is to cover nearly 3220 kilometers with a thick and high solid wall. Economists estimate the price of the wall at a whopping 25 billion American dollars, which exceeds more than double the amount estimated by Donald …show more content…

Donald Trump was running a foundation that collected money for research on breast cancer. Astonishingly, he used around $25,000 from the collection to purchase a portrait of himself, painted on the spot by a speed painter. The portrait is now on a wall of one of his golf course buildings. Donald Trump also scammed the Charles Evans Foundation. This foundation was collecting money and donated a large amount of $1 million. Donald Trump was a part of this foundation and got an award for "Selfless Support"; he used the kind donations made by the people of around 150,000 dollars, took all the credit, and declared worldwide that he donated all of that money.There was only one person involved in these scandals, which was Donald Trump. All of his decisions caused outrages and anger in many countries, but his supporters overpowered the haters and helped Donald Trump win the U.S elections. Donald Trump should have been defeated easily, but the people of racist mindsets voted for him and were victorious.Ultimately, Donald Trump's scandals have impacted many people and places across the word. First the Mexico-U.S wall scandal will provide a strong barrier against the entry of illegal immigrants, illegal drugs and businesses in to the U.S. Second, Mexico will not be paying the staggering amount for the wall as Donald Trump demanded. Finally, the charity scandals of Donald Trump had absolutely no affect on the

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