Is Engineering Design For Talented Youth Or Cty?

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Have you ever done something new and life changing? Well, in the month of July of this year, I went to Pennsylvania to attend an academic program called John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, or CTY. It was my first time at a sleepaway camp, and I would be away from home alone for three weeks without any of my family members. I had chosen to go to this camp because a friend of mine recommended it, and it gave the opportunity to learn high-level subjects. The subject I chose to learn was Engineering Design since I want to end up in the engineering field. I thought the camp would allow me to have a good start on the teachings of engineering, but it ended up teaching me much more than just engineering. CTY turned out to be an event that…show more content…
Luckily, there was a Dollar General nearby and we were able to get them there. Afterward, my parents left and camp started the next day. Needless to say, I had gotten off to a bad start. I was already feeling apprehension, thinking that my carelessness would lead me to screw up massively. Out of pressure, I started noticing things I didn 't like about the camp right away, the first being that there was no internet. I had brought my tablet, but it would have much less use without the internet. This obviously annoyed everyone at the camp, not just me, of course. Another thing that my classmates and I realized was that the classes were hard. Extremely hard. Not to brag, but I was in the top five of the class and I would have failed it if it had counted for school. A third thing I had noticed was that the activities did not seem well organized. The tennis courts only had six balls, the swimming pool didn 't have any equipment, and the indoor soccer field was played on a field hockey pitch. One of my friends had left on the third day because of this, and this had shaken me since he was my closest friend at the camp. When we first met, the first thing we talked about was the faults of the camp. Building on this subject along without other similarities had allowed us to form a friendship. However, I never thought that the reason for our friendship would be the same exact reason I will probably never see him again. I was thinking of leaving too, but I decided
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