Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

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“Technology is a Convenience to the 21st Century.” Social Networking in the 21st century is raising awareness and caused the society negatively when technologies came out. When a person gets home from school or work, the first thing the person did was logging in Facebook, Instagram, and other social network. Physical interactions compared to only talking behind a keyboard are much better ways to express ourselves. The article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephan Marche, he explained how the social network could affect loneliness at times. Marche believes that the social network can benefit people for their isolation who had never use media network. He studied the technology that can isolate us from the real world. The technologies can affect many ways through peoples’ relationship in their families and friends. I disagree with Marche, because I believe people should limit on the technologies for their use knowledge and try to avoid being isolated. In this article, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” Yvette Vickers was a former Playboy Playmate. She has a mysterious death. She was included in Marche’s statement about that the technology could have benefit her isolation. She died by heart failure from fear of loneliness. Hugh Hefner said Vickers died without her immediate friends. Her neighbor discovered her dead body a year after she died. Vickers never made calls to her family or friends, but she just felt her fans were found through Internet sites. She did not have

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