Is Football Too Violent For Christians Essay

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Football is one of the most beloved sport in the United States but does playing football cause a player to become violent? In two articles, the both argue either for or against the idea of having football in Christian schools. Our Shaken Faith in Football argues that playing football promotes the players to become violent and that the people promote violence by watching the sport, while Is Football Too Violent for Christians, suggest that football helps promote a long life for the players because they are in shape. Since I was asked to argue which article was the least persuasive and why, I have to say the article Is Football Too Violent for Christians is the least persuasive. The reasons why they are least persuasive are who gets injured, how many people get injured, and President Roosevelt. In the article Is Football Too Violent for Christians, they talk about how that President Roosevelt promoted the playing of football and when he was recruiting men for the Rough Riders, he recruited farmers, cowboys and football players. The article also a talked about how there are more deaths due to brain trauma in cyclists' than in football players. There is an average of 4 deaths due to football injuries unlike 91 cycling fatalities. Cheerleaders experience more injuries than football players. It also talks about how playing football is to be cultivated on a pathway from boyhood to Christian manhood. Saying that boys are drawn to demanding physical competition against other boys,

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