Is Fracking A Necessary Evil? For The United Kingdom?

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Paper 4 Project 2013-14:
Is fracking a ‘necessary evil’ for the United Kingdom?

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Since 2004 the UK has been a net importer of natural gas, as the North Sea reserves have been exploited and nearly exhausted. Today, ten years later, the UK has become even more dependent on foreign gas with over 50% of demand for gas satisfied by foreign supply (Gloystein, 2013). This increasing dependence on foreign countries is a worrying trend, due to the adverse effects it can have, which include being subjected to price shocks, supply shortages and manipulation both economically and politically. Energy insecurity has arisen through a lack of investment in other types of energy production and energy infrastructure, whilst France and Germany have invested in nuclear and renewable energy (mainly wind power) respectively, the UK became overly dependent on natural gas and failed to foresee the exhaustion of this non-renewable source. The UK now needs to decide and pursue a new energy pathway; one which meets its long-term economic and environmental goals, whilst ensuring energy security. A possible option which has recently presented itself to the UK is the extraction of unconventional gas through hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which has already transformed the USA’s energy industry.
Fracking is a process whereby a wellbore is drilled deep into shale rock and then a mixture of water, sand and chemicals…

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