Is Gentrification a Class War?

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"GENTRIFICATION IS CLASS WAR!” (Smith 1) the riots of Thompson Square Park banners protested. This brings society to ask a question based on the statement at hand, is gentrification a class war? Decades of history and news pile up on the question at hand, hundreds of neighborhoods and millions of people have played a role in gentrification, and the word war is not far removed from the occurrences that have taken place throughout gentrified and gentrifying neighborhoods throughout the world, but especially in a largely populated city like New York. In Neil Smith's book The New Urban frontier the reader learns about riots, homesteads, storefronts, and populations affected by gentrification, in his examples he expands on the class struggles of the Lower East Side. Not coincidentally, similar situations have occurred distributed though New York City, and the first example that comes to mind is, Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. For this reason it is easy to observe similar situations in neighborhoods that display crime, drug use, and racial tension, which then abated and was transformed into a whole new environment of fashionable stores and trendy events, gentrification at it's finest. Bedford-Stuyvesant is lined with walk up brownstones, which have large doorways and windows, and famously are aesthetically pleasing. Bed-Stuy (for short) is easily accessible through main subway lines and is an easy commute for those who work in Manhattan during the day. Were a person to walk

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