Is Girls Biologically Prefer Playing With Dolls?

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Debra W. Soh, writer for the LA Times and sexual neuroscientist at York University recently had an article published stating that girls biologically prefer playing with dolls. She goes on to write that parents who are raising their children in a gender-neutral house hold are wasting their time. Studies show that girls naturally want to be caring and nurturing. They want to play with toys that are more socially engaging. Dolls are at the top of the list, they allow children to practice their social skills without the pressure of being wrong. It increases their imagination and their verbal skills. Boys prefer cars, trucks, and robots, the things that are mechanical and stimulate the visuo-spatial activity in the brain.
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I have not found any evidence that this theory is wrong. I believe the results are consistent with the data. I could follow the trail back to some of the original findings. I am of the belief that trying to raise your child gender natural will probably cause more harm than good.
To further prove this theory, I will be using a group of 30 children ages ranging from 9 months through 36 months. 15 of the children boys, 15 of the children girls. I will also use one adult male and one adult female. I will also have one male and one female seven years of age. Myself and another person will individually observe them in a white room, known as the toy room, filled with typical boy toys and typical girl toys. Throughout the experiment, we will simply observe their behavior. Noting which toys they play with, for how long, their genders, and ages. We will also note what cued them to play with which toys, if they changed their minds and if so, what if anything encouraged them to do so. I will form two groups. Group A will have eight males and seven females. Group B will have eight females and seven males.
I will start by separately allowing each child to play in the toy room uninterrupted. Simply observing them playing should allow me to see what their preset personal choices are. That is the choices they would make without and coercion from outside influences.

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