Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Professor Elizabeth Rogers
English 302
September 13, 2015
Rhetorical Analysis Essay: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr’s article on The Atlantic asks us to question what effect the Internet has on our brains. At the time this article was written, the Internet was becoming more and more apart of our daily routine as many find themselves using it for work purposes or simply for leisure. Carr, as a seemingly literary type himself, says, “Computers are changing the normal thinking process” causing not only him but also many others to struggle reading. Nicholas Carr wrote this article to bring to attention the webs effect on our mind and how it has turned us into page skimmers and information decoders who can no longer focus on reading a piece in its entirety. In “Is Google Making us Stupid?” published on to The Atlantic’s issue in July/August of 2008, Carr, through emotional, and logical appeals, imagery and structure, successfully crafts his argument on the drifting concentration due to computers and internet use. In the opening paragraph of his essay Car alludes to a sci-fi movie 2001: Space Odyssey, using this movie as a metaphor for how the Internet and computers might be shaping our thinking. This is an appeal to the reader’s emotions (pathos). In this scene as Carr describes, Hal the computer begins to malfunction, which almost causes the astronaut Dave Bowman to be led to his death. Bowman then starts to disconnect the machines circuits,

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