Is Google Making Us Stupid

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The internet is one of the many technologies to come about in this fast pace and ever evolving world. Within these new technologies, such as the internet, one can see how even people have evolved and changed their ways of thinking to keep up. One aspect of this change is the way people understand and think about what they read or see. In Nicholas Carr’s Is Google Making Us Stupid, the author present the idea that the use of the internet is the reason behind the changes within the minds of its users. This idea points towards the internet being both a mind altering and convenience mechanism; as well as being easily abused by its users. This allows Carr to effectively propose the idea that the internet, and technology in general, is used not only as a convenience mechanism, but also has a way to change how its uses think. However, Carr ineffectively represents how this change comes about due to user abuse of new technology like the internet. The main idea that Carr tries to support throughout his article is that of alteration. Carr takes a stand for the idea that technology, specifically the internet, is the cause of the recent change in the way people think. Throughout Carr’s article, it is clear that the change being referenced is the way people think, read, and ultimately understand what they read in books, magazines, internet, and media. In the article, the author uses his own experiences and detailed accounts of how others feel about the way their minds work since the

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