Is Hiv Infection A Universally Fatal Diagnosis?

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Shardae Murphy Mrs. Williams Advanced Writing 29 March 2017 HIV Is HIV infection a universally fatal diagnosis? “A small percentage of people with HIV infection have been observed to possess immune systems that keep the virus at bay for at least 10 years, and some for more than 35 years,” Dr. Levy writes.” (Elsevier) The diagnosis of HIV was once a death sentence, but there is no proof that survivors or people who did not get affected can live a normal, average day life without any complications. Most importantly, one can learn about ways to stop the disease and infection by closely examining and studying these people who have survived without HIV or have delayed the infection (Elsevier). It has been spreading…show more content…
The disease is still spreading at a fast, uncontrollable rate (Gedatus 6). There are many ways that the disease can be contracted. HIV is not passed in the air or by touching someone because it does not survive well outside the body. People get can only get it through behaviors or activities that contain blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. Most cases are spread by sexual contact but that is not the only way the disease is acquired. It can also be spread through intravenous drug use, tattooing and body piercing, blood transfusions, and medical accidents. Pregnant women can give the virus to their babies during the virus. It can also be passed through breast milk (Gedatus 12). The disease is not really the problem; it is the obtaining and spreading of the disease. While HIV affects individuals differently, the most common effects deal with the personal, emotional, and mental state of mind. In 1992, HIV infection became the leading cause of death among young men and the third leading killer of young women (Byers 43). HIV attacks the most important cells of the immune system. They are the white blood cells, which help the body fight off infections from bacteria or viruses. Shortly after people are infected, they start to feel symptoms like swollen neck glands, night shivering and sweating, achy body, and a slight fever (Curran 38). “Babies who catch HIV from their mothers often get sick very early in their lives and usually die before their tenth birthday (Curran

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