Is Illegal Aliens Are A Drain On Our State 's Resources?

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An 85 year old, Hispanic, female patient was admitted in the adult intensive care unit (AICU), with the diagnosis "stroke." Prior to the patient’s admission into the regional medical center, the patient had a history of heart and pulmonary problems, and lung cancer, which was successfully treated by surgery and radiation ten years ago. Tests conducted during the patient’s admission revealed early stage liver cancer. The patient has been in a comatose state ever since admission, and has been unable to communicate or move, and due to her being unable to breathe on her own, she is on a ventilator (Belhaven University, 2015). The patient has been receiving local news coverage. As a result, “the state governor has come out publicly stating that illegal aliens are a drain on our state 's resources and should be sent back to their countries of origin” (Belhaven University, 2015). The governor’s challenger, whose also the daughter of the patient and a nursing student in a AICU, says there is a moral duty to care for everyone. The AICU is full and the discharge planner is under pressure from his supervisor to free up beds, which are needed for other critical patients (Belhaven University, 2015). The hospital’s business office requests if the patient can be discharged from AICU due to the cost being the responsibility of the hospital, in the amount of $9,000 per day, or if the family will agree to disconnect the ventilator. Unfortunately, “the attending physician is new on the
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