Is Undocumented Alien Illegal Immigration Really A National Problem?

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When it comes to anything about conflict in immigration there is always a huge debate. There are two sides to every story and both make very good supportive arguments. Some with very compelling statistical reports. But which are true? That’s for you to decide. Is undocumented alien illegal immigration really a national problem? Honestly, I don’t believe either side. There is no definite completely correct reports out there. Both sides exaggerate the data to make it more compelling. But regardless they both sides have very good arguments. One argument is “Immigration helps to determine the bargaining leverage of the American workers... If you use a form of labor recruitment that bids down the cost of labor, that leaves you to a society where a small number are very, very rich, nobody in the middle, and everyone is left scrambling for crumbs at the bottom.” P.132 Basically that means, with all the undocumented workers it takes away the labor rights to legal citizens. Driving they’re bargaining rights for a higher wage increase to nothing because everyone is replaceable. Which then in turn makes the rich richer, and makes the middle class slip into poverty. Leaving more and more people fighting for livable wages, housing, and a decent life. The other argument is “They never take into account the contributions that undocumented immigrants make…. It would be an economic and social disaster for 11 million people to pick up and leave…. Without immigration labor, it would almost
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