Is It A Bad Part Of Town?

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It has been said that “every city has an Elm Street” (Unknown Author), it can also be said that most cities have a bad part inside its limits. Who determines if the deprived part of the city is really a bad part of town? What are the criteria to determine if there really a bad part of town? It is one’s own perception if and where this bad part of town really is. A man that lives on the streets find a dwelling with three windows in the entire 3-bedroom dwelling unbroken. Ceiling falling in, no running water, or electricity. Some people would call this a “dump”, while this man that has no place to call his own, this man call it a palace and his home. DISCUSSION Life is divine chaos, hectic in fact, it is a rat-race to success. Without money to buy food, and food to survive, how does a person exist? Without the foundation of money, there is very little one can do that would accumulate the materials needed to survive without turning to criminal activities. We as a people on a macro level strive for success, and often times we fall short of the mark. This puts a strain on our emotional state of being. Now the world has you by the ankles holding you high in the air, then you ask yourself, how did I get in this situation, and what can I do to get out? Being in an emotional state of mind, you think of ways to get financial assistance as quickly as possible. The jobs available pay very low wages, that’s when you being to devise of ways to make money the illegal way i.e. by

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