Is It A Hero Or Hero?

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Most martyrs unfortunately didn’t decide to become a hero or heroine because of an ability or skills set as a public speaker, leader / negotiator or activist, solely to encounter injustice, inequality or racism. Most martyrs probably contemplated and agonize long and hard over their role and involvement in movements, protest and rallies, struggled with the weight of understanding and finally submitting to their destiny. The anguish of destiny: realizing the target they might become, agonizing over the ridicule and scrutiny by an antagonist(s), and they, themselves might or might not ever know. Almost assuredly, become the victim of threats carried out against them and their families. Ironically! Most heroes don 't always feel settled in the position or role they may portray. Sometimes they feel inapt and inept for the position: somewhat awkward, uncomfortable, fearful and concealed pressures, unpreparedness, uninformed and position and mediator demands. This is so true! Sometimes working as a leader/ negotiator brings you to the table with more than one party, but often brings out multiple issues, problems and situations that need an answer. Everyone involved has an agenda, wanting their issues dealt with first and foremost, pushing for attention believed should be theirs. I understanding the fear of being thrust into leadership position; it’s was almost serendipitous in a way. While attending undergraduate at Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi. I found…

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