Is It A Victim Of Persecution?

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Nassr has become another victim of persecution. Working as a translator in the United States, Nassr had a normal life. Once he got back to his native country, Iraq, he found his house confiscated by the Mahdi militia. When he tried to get into his house, they replied, “this is not your house, either you go or we will kill you.” Consequently, they hit him in the head with theirs guns. Being scared of getting killed by them, Nassr ran from his house. The Mahdi militia asked Nassr’s neighbors for information on him, which led them to find out that Nassr was gay. Nassr had two children whom the militia captured. The Mahdi militia tortured them in order to get information on Nassr. Finally they killed Nassr children. Now Nassr is living in Siria by himself and alone because of the intolerance his country had for gay people. Intolerance impacts multiple sectors of society with far-reaching effects on the gay community. Due to the amount of intolerance in society these days, the gay community is facing persecution. Verbal abuse, physical violence and hate crimes are some effects of persecution against gay people. The verbal abuse is often a way to discriminate against people for their sexual orientation. Verbal abuse has a big impact on the victim’s life. The victim may feel unsure and isolated. Also, bullying and bashing are very common ways to persecute against a person who is gay. Gay bashing and bullying include negative attitudes that leads homophobic

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