Homosexuality As A Mental Disorder

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Throughout history, there have been accounts of people being persecuted for many reasons; race, religion, political affiliations, and sexual orientation. In the United States, and many other nations across the globe, there have been hundreds of thousands of people victimized for being homosexual. Due to differing standpoints, homosexuality is seen as “immoral” or “sinful” or even “disgusting”. Up until 1973, homosexuality was also referred to as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. People could be openly criticized, mocked, and often killed for simply being gay. Because of these social and religious criticisms, many people have been forced to partake in “conversion” or “reparative” therapies in order to become …show more content…

This proves that there is a higher risk of destructive behavior and victimization among the LGBT community. But why are these destructive behaviors present? Dr. Michael Benibgui, PhD, notes in his dissertation that, “if early experiences regarding the LGB community are negative, they may arouse internalized homophobia and self-devaluation” (18). As an effect of these attitudes toward the LGBT community, these “self-devaluating” feelings are exposed. Because these feelings of self-hatred and the attitudes from others toward the LGBT community are so strong, many people are put into “reparative” therapies in order to “cure” them from their condition of homosexuality. The majority of therapies that people go through are extremely unpleasant and the American Psychological Association states, “there have been no scientifically adequate research to show that therapy aimed at changing sexual orientation is safe or effective.” (Sutton 11). However, many institutions still partake in these controversial therapies. The means by which certain people are treated is inhumane, and can worsen the ideology of inferiority and self-devaluation. While some therapies seem pleasant, such as prayer and meditation, some of the most controversial means of therapy include Prostitution, Hypnosis, Exorcism, Fetal Intervention, Electroconvulsive Therapy, and Genital Mutilation. None of the aforementioned therapy methods are without harm. These

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